The Copelouzos Family Art Museum show and catalog

I am so honored to be part of the USA 35 x 35 Project sponsored by the Copelouzos Family Art Museum. The show and catalog were put together in 2020 despite the difficulties of Covid 19. Each artist in the project was sent a blank 35 cm x 35 cm canvas to create a painting in whatever medium and style they chose. We were given a month or two to finish our piece and the canvases were then picked up by courier and returned to the Museum in Athens. Initially we were expecting an opening and a catalog. Given the circumstances of the Pandemic, there has been no reception but yesterday, by DHL delivery, I received a beautiful catalog done in a 35 cm x 35 cm format with each of the artist’s work at full scale and the bio and artist’s statement that we provided on the opposing page in English and in Greek.

The whole experience is very exciting. The catalog is stunning and I am very grateful to the Copelouzos family, their curators and staff and to my friend Ellen Fagan who suggested I apply.

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